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posted by [personal profile] phantomchic at 01:31am on 28/07/2012
Just got home from a show. Now for the Opening Ceremony! I'm going to try sort of live-blogging my reactions to this.

- Kenneth Branaugh doing Shakespeare? We'll be here forever! This is the guy who refused to make any cuts in Hamlet.
- That tree thing rising out of the ground looks like Ferngully.
- Glastonbury Tor? Isn't that where Avalon is? Bring on Arthur!

- It's getting a little steampunk, I approve. Though the costumes just make me think of Les Mis or Downton Abbey.
- If that's how long they pause for WWI, the Blitz should be really fun.
- Is that supposed to be the Titanic? Why are the Sergeant Pepper guys coming out at the same time?
- Yes, forge the one Ring!
- This feels like we're in that Dr Who Christmas special with the giant steampunk Cyberman.
- Kenneth Branaugh sure is getting a lot of face time.

- The Olympic themed commercials make it hard to tell when the Ceremonies are back on while I'm skipping.
- What is this thing with Daniel Craig? James Bond is the real Queen's escort? WTH?
- Animated Churchill statue? Creepy!
- There are way too many flight wires over the stadium for those parachutes!
- There is no way they were going to really ask Elizabeth to parachute. Wills and Kate I might have believed.
- Someone tell the Queen when the camera is on her so she can smile!

- Hee hee, honoring the NHS! Yes, morons, it does work just fine in other countries if we would just learn to do it.
- Nice to seem some same-sex couples among the doctor/nurse swing dance pairs.
- Oh, the kids' dreams. That's how we're explaining the pop culture on crack section.
- What was JK reading from? Is that Peter Pan?
- Creepy puppets are creepy!
- When Colbert talked about it I was hoping they would really have Ralph Fiennes' Voldemort projected. But the 100 foot puppet works.
- 30 Mary Poppinses and no TARDIS? I call bullshit. I want the Doctor to kick Voldy's ass!

- I was prepared to be totally bored by Chariots of Fire. But Rowan Atkinson has completely redeemed it.

- So we did skip WW2? Huh.
- Internet tribute = lame
- The tube section should include a game of Mornington Crescent
- I would really like to ditch Viera & Lauer and just let Graham Norton do the commentary. Did the UK get that?
- They use a Wayne's World clip and still no Dr Who? What the hell!?!

- Seriously what kind of drugs are Danny Boyle and the creative team on?
- This Frankie & June music section has gone on way too long.
- David Beckham driving a speed boat? Okay.

- Why did they interrupt the ceremony coverage for a Michael Phelps interview. Skip!
- Parade of Nations already? Did they part of the ceremony for that stupid interview 'cause there didn't really seem to be an obvious ending to the crack fest?
- What is with the face dresses the Country Name Bearers are wearing? Bizarre.
- "Got up to the 80s this week." Okay, now I'm really jealous. I'm so sick of 90-105 degree temps.
- I never see Argentina without thinking "Don't Cry For Me Argentina!" I know that's bad.
- I'm always a little ashamed when I see a country I've never heard of like Benin.

- I have to keep reminding myself that Genji Cho isn't actually on the Chinese gymnastic team.
- Why are the Czechs wearing galoshes?

- Apparently "Staying Alive" has now been ruined for me. Thanks a lot, Moriarty.
- The Germans are going to be pissed if one of their athletes gets injured because they were carrying people on their shoulders through this whole parade.

- You can still compete if your country get dissolved?

- Just found out BBC viewers got Benedict Cumberbatch opening their Olympic coverage. Now NBC's opening seems even more lame.

- Ugh, the Romneys. Gee, does their dressage horse get to march? Oh yeah, they're not out of touch.
- Hmm, I didn't hear if they replaced Ralph Lauren's uniforms with something that was made in America.

- Back to the crack! Glowy angel bikers. Aren't the tails hitting the back wheels kind of a problem?
- Oh yeah, it's a dove of peace. Sure. Flying bicycle = ET. That's all there is to it.
- Is Sebastian Coe basically the guy Hugh Bonneville's been playing in Twenty Twelve?
- What if when asked to open the Olympics, the Queen just said "no"? What would they do?

- Why did it take Beckham so long to drive that boat to the stadium? It didn't take Jeremy nearly that long in the London transport race and he had to obey a speed limit most of the way.
- But when is David Tennant going to grab the torch? Oh wait, we're pretending that ep never happened, right? Never mind. Keep calm and carry on. But I still want a TARDIS sighting!
- That is a cool looking cauldron.

The cracky opening was fun but no Sherlock in any incarnation, no Arthurian references, and no Dr Who references at all? That is ridiculous given all the crap they showed in the music/teen lust/social media montage-that-wouldn't-end. Plus I read that they licensed the Dr Who theme for the ceremony but I never heard it.


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